About us

Empowering major retailers with actionable data about their stores with novel hardware and software.

What we do

Our simple data visualization and analytics solution helps hundreds of brands understand the story their foot traffic tells them, using actionable insights to grow their business and exceed customer expectations. At Dor, we've built the first-of-its-kind, battery-powered thermal foot traffic counter which empowers retailers to make informed, data-driven decisions about their stores.

Why we do it

We believe accurate and actionable foot traffic data is paramount to thriving retail businesses. We’re passionate about unlocking more possibilities for retailers to understand the health of their businesses, driven by a desire to collect and visualize physical-world data in more inspiring ways. We’re focused on one thing: Making it easier for retailers to be operationally excellent.

Founding team

Our founders met while working at Apple on the iPod and iPhone teams. They later went on to work together at MarkOne, a nutrition analytics startup, where Michael was a founding member and engineering lead, and Gregg lead the software team. They founded Dor in 2015 when they learned that store managers were still hand-counting their visitors — a laborious and inaccurate method. They quickly realized the need for a foot traffic sensor that provided accurate and actionable data at an affordable price.

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